NOVA Crossfit

NOVA Strength and Conditioning is Northern Virginia’s premier Olympic Weightlifting gym. With six fully equipped platforms, you will learn the skills to master the snatch, clean, and jerk. Whether you are looking to get started, lift more efficiently or compete in local or national meets, NOVA Strength and Conditioning has the tools and the trainers to help you achieve your goals. We have athletes from the beginner level to the elite level working out at our facility, and they are never to busy to help out anyone.


NOVA Crossfit

The Olympic lifts teach the body to fire all the muscle fibers at once, involving basically every muscle in the human body, and provides a great workout.  Olympic weightlifting challenges athletes to possess explosive strength, mobility, and a great range of motion. When performed correctly, the Olympic lifts are both dynamic and explosive while requiring grace and flexibility. It is the safest resistance training, helps develop strong, healthy bones resistant to fracture, and develops great athletic ability.


NOVA Crossfit

Classes will include drills, technique work, and CrossFit based conditioning to develop efficient lifting technique while increasing strength and power.We start at the very beginning with the fundamentals and move from there. More advanced athletes will move up in weight faster, while novice lifters will stay with light weight and work on their form.    For all athletes, we require a minimum 1 month commitment to this program; for best results plan on at least 3 months of training.

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